My Review of Jurassic World

About the Movie

Lots of Dinosaurs. Lots of screaming. The effects are worth a one time watch and it is entertaining so long as you don’t ask too many logical questions.

Picture Courtesy:
Picture Courtesy:

Title: Jurassic World

Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Genre: Sci-Fi Action

The Plot:

Jurassic park reopens. Now it’s something like Disney world with cool rides and stuff. Enter, the genetically modified smarter, meaner Dinosaurs. Add in a few generals with evil plans to use them in wars.  The people as usual are totally unaware of all this drama behind the scenes.  All seems to be going well, till one big mean dinosaur escapes and wreaks havoc in the park. All dinosaurs especially the flying ones ( they call ’em pterodactyls) have fun. People scream and scram. Some save themselves. Some save the kids. Some save their Martinis.

Two adults and two kids ( the leads of the story) miraculously survive everything; never mind the extras that get eaten along the way. The hero is apparently a dinosaur whisperer or something . The character is very similar to the lead in ‘Deep Blue Sea’ where humans were trying to tame monster sharks. He takes help of his velociraptors ( They are kind of tamed, not so scary smaller dinosaurs) to catch the big mean dinosaur. The plan backfires. Now, all the dinosaurs are freely hunting humans.

It looks all gloom and doom till Chris’s dinosaurs suddenly change their mind. Call it stockholm syndrome or whatever, but they are now ready to save the humans from the big meanie Dino in charge. This make the big meanie angry and hungry. The heroine in sexy high heels takes charge of Plan B and runs like Usain Bolt with T- Rex on her tail. She leads T-rex to the other big dino. With the help of T-rex they manage to push the big mean green dinosaur into the fish tank.  That’s where the other big dinosaur (Eat- a- bicus- almost- anythingus species) lives. It wolfs down the green dinosaur in one bite and disappears into the dark water. T-rex grunts, probably saying, “You are welcome, you ungrateful humans!” in dinosaur and  disappears into the dark.

The End! You can click below to watch the official trailer


  1. “Some save the kids. Some save their Martinis.” Hehe great line. Reminded me of this one from a comedy – “run, save your own lives, leave the children behind, they will only slow you down”.

    I wasn’t a fan of the film at all. It was so preachy about our god complexes right from frame 1. Plus, it’s an alarming trend. Dinosaurs (Godzilla, some raptors, T-rexes) seem to find purpose in saving Caucasians.


    • Thank you, Christy 🙂
      You are right. The storyline of remake of Godzilla is just as lame. Why would giant mutant creatures with teeth suddenly stop devouring us and help a few lighter skinned good looking ones to defeat other giant monsters who are not so fond of tiny creatures who keep bugging them with guns. It makes you wonder what’s next in store? Maybe a Hollywood flick titled ” My dinosaur, Skip.” 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah exactly what you said! Such a bother they were, always prodding and showing off their big guns.

        Maybe Godzilla should revealed as Barney the Purple dinosaur. Irony is that Gojira, the original Japanese version, was made as a metaphor to tell the world that the impact of America’s nuclear attack will never go away.

        Thanks for indulging me 🙂


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