Watch luck turn tables for Lindesy Lohan in ‘Just my Luck’

If light romantic comedies are your thing, then this light hearted, romedy released in 2006 is a pure delight for unwinding after a rough day at work.

Just My Luck
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Title: Just my Luck

Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine

Director: Donal Petrie

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Running time: 103 minutes

The Plot:

Ashley, played by Lindsey Lohan is a super lucky Manhattan girl, lucky enough to get the best of everything in life from a lucrative promotion at work to being asked on date by the most eligible bachelor in town.

Linday Lohan in Just My Luck
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Her perfectly lucky & happy world is turned upside down when she kisses a masked Jake, played by Chris Pine who was pretending to be a dancer at the masquerade ball she organized for her client. Soon, Ashley realizes that the predictions made by the queer fortune teller she ran into at the party were true. From her star life, she spirals down into a series of bad luck from getting arrested at her party, being fired to losing her home to the flood.

Just My luck poster
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While she deals with her series of misfortunes, Jake, a former walking disaster finally gets everything set right in his life. His music career takes off after he is found by the owner of a big record label, whose life he saves by sheer good luck.

Chris Pines in Just My Luck
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Desperate to get her luck back, Ashley meets the fortune teller who suggests that she kiss & get  her luck back from the masked guy she kissed at the party. With her two best friends, she hunts & kisses every dancer at the party in the hope of getting her life back in order & finally melts down after a disaster date. As she vents out her frustration at a local diner, Jake finds her & helps her out.

Just My Luck
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Familiar with how bad, bad luck can be, he helps her get his old job as a janitor & gives her tips on surviving the bad blow of fate on an everyday basis. As Ashley’s world becomes unluckier, Jake‘s new found luck takes his career to new heights & his band is given the chance to play at the Times Square. The two gradually fall in love as a series of events, his fortunes & her misfortunes, brings them closer.

Chris & Lindsay in Just my luck
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Soon by twist of fate, Ashley discovers, that she had kissed Jake at the party on that night when their lucks got switched. Watch how love wins & lucks turn, as the two discover love & luck, both good luck & bad luck. 🙂

Just My Luck
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You can check out the trailer for this romantic comedy here:




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