The Secret To Awesome Taglines

“Happiness! Bazinga! Yowza!  We‘re awesome. Let’s do it! Wait. Did that work? No?”

Yup! Try throwing all the random awesome words you can think of on a document and see if that makes the cut for that killer tagline, people will envy.  How on earth do people come up with awesome taglines?

The Secret To Awesome Taglines
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The Pressure To Get It Right

Your copy is one of the first things that will be showcased. It will be judged, loved or loathed. Now, that’s a lot of pressure to get those few little words right. As you start on your mission, your ‘I can do this & let’s do this now’ mood soon goes on a creative roller coaster ride. ‘I want it to be funny. I want it to be clever too. I want it to be super epic. I want it to be everything!’ As you scout pages after pages on the internet to set you in the right direction, those few little words soon seem like an impossible pain in the ass. The frustration is understandable.

What The Pressure Does To You

“The business plan? Check. It’s Brilliant. The brand name? Fantastic. We love it.  The tagline? ‘Just do it!?’ Wait. That’s taken. Really? Let’s try this again. Damn it! We ran out of all the synonyms for beautiful. The good ones are already taken! Let’s just put the first things that come to our mind. Wait, better idea! Let’s all sit together- sales, marketing, ops, everybody and just cram it out before the end of the day. Wow! We have so many different ideas. Shit! We are so frigging confused. We still don’t have that killer one-liner. Damn!”

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The Simple Secret? 🙂

Writing taglines is the most fun & challenging forms of writing. The secret to writing awesome taglines for a brand is to know exactly who you are. It’s as simple as it sounds. Need an example?

Do you remember, how 007 introduces himself? Simple yet powerful, the answer is always, “Bond. James Bond.”  Whether it is a super villain or a diva, his introduction immediately gets the attention & sets him apart. That’s what a tagline should do for a brand. Don’t start with the words. Start with discovering & knowing exactly what your brand stands for. Now try saying it in a few simple words.

Taglines should be like James bond's intro
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Picture yourself, trying to tell the story of your life in under 5 seconds.

Example: “Hi, I am a writer. :)”

That’s what a tagline is to a brand.When you start, it may feel like there is so much to say. Just ask yourself. “Who am I?” Don’t worry if this takes time. When you know exactly who you are, things’re clearer and you are left with just a few simple, beautiful words. And that’s the kick ass one-liner you have been looking for! 🙂

Taglines simply answer who you are as a brand
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