Chapter 1: The Beautiful Curse

What is my name? What am I called? I wish I knew. I just remember the blue sky above me when I opened my eyes. The clouds passed. The seasons changed. I saw beyond the clouds. Beyond the black abyss above the clouds. I saw the raging fire of the sun devour everything in an angry storm of fire. It burned everything. Boulders as big as mountains disappeared in its fiery wrath. Someday this beautiful paradise of mine will burn in its fury too. It was pure unbiased destruction. It was beautiful to watch everything burn.

The globe of fire

I kept watching. I wanted to stay there, watch it for forever. Then a queer creature with blue eyes rudely interrupted me. It was an old man with white hair. Human. It spoke something. I didn’t care. I kept watching the sun burn everything around it. I closed my eyes. I smiled as I felt the earth move slowly towards the dark angry ball of fire. I looked down. Tiny human feet on dark green grass. I could move it. The human suit I wore had tiny white hands and tiny feet. I walked. Two humans stood with me on the desolate field by the road.

Again they spoke something. It was beginning to annoy me. Somehow I was so happy, I did not feel like killing anything. So I smiled. They smiled back. Fools.

The image of fiery globe burning everything around stayed with me, made me happy. Too happy to kill a bunch of old humans. The two idiots around me wanted me to come along with them.  As we traveled towards the village, the smell of humans grew stronger. It made me angry. The same filth. The same old crap. These 2-legged creeps were everywhere. The lies, the false hope, the betrayal, the fear, and the same old ugly drama they bring. It grew darker. On the horizon, we saw lights. The humans had lit out their lights everywhere. Sitting in the back of their tiny car, I watched the lust in their eyes. They wanted to play with me and kill me. Humans are so predictable. So pathetic. Strangely, it was amusing. I was too happy to rip their heads off.

As the small car passed through the lonely road, I felt the glass get colder and missed the darkness of the forest. The humans kept talking. I was bored. I wanted out. I hate the stench of human blood on my hands. No, you are not dying today, but you are not going unhurt either. I listened to the slow hum of the car’s engine passing through the dark foggy evening. Time to end this. Stop. Their stupid human toy stopped so suddenly that their bodies crashed through the glass and landed on the hard black road. There was no more talking. There was just some loud whining and screaming. It was funny to watch grown men who kill for pleasure cry like that. I got out and walked past them. One of them mumbled something and tried stretching its hand out. Then it stopped and they both gave that familiar stare I never understood. What are you? Who are you? Same old stupid look. Same old lame questions.

Dark Road

The breeze above was beautiful. I wanted to be there. I rose above the humans. They looked funny with wide open mouth and scared, unblinking eyes. When you are as old as me, you stop giving a fuck . You simply do whatever you please to make yourself fucking high and happy. I reached for the dark clouds above. It got colder and darker.

I wanted to fly. I soared high and saw the clouds merge, fade away. I flew over valleys, mountains, seas and dark blue waters. I hovered over the huge silent creatures of the deep blue, as the moonlight kissed my face. I saw the fields of green, dark forests, the boulders and mountains below.  I flew so fast, that everything went blurry and beautiful. I stopped by a cold dark forest. I saw fear in the eyes of other strange beings in the forest, wondering what I was. So comforting.

A tiny fragile world awaiting its turn to be devoured by a ball of fireA tiny fragile world waiting for its turn to be devoured by a ball of fire. Earth is beautiful.

Strangely this time, I felt no fear. I felt nothing human inside me. I soaked in the dark peace around me. I could feel everything. I heard the trees breathe. I felt the life in the water I held in my hands. I felt the wind caressing my hair. I heard the heart beat of a tiny human heart inside me. I felt the fire of the earth’s core below. As I sank my hands into the gravel on ground, I felt the beat of every life that had ever lived and walked. When you are dead inside, it really puts things in perspective. You suddenly become invincible.

Perched on the highest peak of the forest, I look over the small lights of humans. The lights below gleamed like glow worms in the dark. So fragile. So hopeless. I gazed at the star studded sky above as curious eyes gleamed in the dark. I smiled back at the glowing eyes of strange creatures of the night. Everything here feared me. I felt at home. I was happy.

It did not matter what human suit I wore. It did not matter where I was. I did not care. The memories I made with her stayed with me. I watched the dark clouds passing by grow bigger and bigger. I was finally happy and free. It felt fucking awesome.

I am a demon and I am in love with a demon. This is my story.

A place where anything is possible
A place where anything is possible

-The Story Writing Project Day 1


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