Who am I

I am a content marketing professional. I help brands tell their stories and connect with their audience. This is my blog where I share my everyday stories and random musings.

What I do for living

Before marketing products and services, I earned my bread and butter as a financial accountant in Bangalore. Keeping track of money was nice, but I realized I got a better high, while presenting ideas and stories for my team. Thanks to an awesome boss, I was put on our internal communication team where I created brand awareness mailers everyday. All was well until, a series of unfortunate personal events broke my heart, my bank account and my health. Back home in Calicut with my family and my cats, I had become a total NINJA ( No income, No job or assets :P). With nothing to lose, I tried a new trade that paid me to talk more and tell more stories.

I started out as a freelance content writer. Some paid in money, others in experience. Over the years, I have written about different things from web content for property services, resumes, obituaries, rental agreements, urinary tract infections, E-mailers to product descriptions for bikes that I’d probably never ride. Now, I am a content marketing manager, who handles content, marketing and inbound-sales stuff. I have also worked on brand positioning, community building, events, PR, digital and social media campaigns. I want to say the transition was smooth and perfect. But that’d be a giant lie. There were bumps, struggles and hard lessons. There will be more if you are trying to get anywhere at all. Funny part is, I think I am still learning and evolving at both personal level and professional level.

BTW, am still figuring out life. If you get the plot, do let me know
BTW, if you figure out life and get the plot, do let me know.

My History

I am told that my ancestors are farmers from Tellicherry. There are no farmers or farmland in our family anymore. We are all a bunch of wanna be farmers with weird jungle like gardens full of animals, birds and awkward plants that grow everywhere like green monsters. Growing up as an only child, I am told that I was a selfish, evil prick. That’s a one side story from my fat annoying cousin. You don’t have to believe that.  I find animals more well behaved and trust worthy than humans. Among the favorite animals in the family, there was Grandma’s brown hen, Kaalu the black dog  from Ludhiana who loved Chawla Chicken and Snippy, our pet dog and the the most and least controversial member of our family. All that now seems like ancient history. Now, everyone loves my dad’s 10-year-old evil cat that hates my guts.

My People

As a child, I was puny and watched way too many cartoons. Liked watching jet planes, painting walls with muddy wet socks (I thought the patterns were trippy. The house owner cried.), petting animals, making imaginary friends and doing just about anything except staying still. I don’t blame the 90’s for the overdose of TV and music. They were epic. That did not help much at school especially when you have to shift schools every three years thanks to parents who are always on the move. PT class sucked! Thank god, I could run fast and think on my feet. So I survived schools (several of them to be precise), embarrassing life experiences, friendships, fights, broken bones and broken heart. And here I am, adulting. Still trying to get my shit together. And occasionally blogging about it.

My other interests include food, wine, old movies, music, travel and good reads. I am a reformed shopaholic with a new found interest in cooking. Although people hate it, street dogs and few cats love it.I want to add something exciting to the list like bungee jumper or fitness enthusiast but man, I suck at sports!

Dodgeball: Scaring the shit out of puny kids since 1980's
Dodge ball: Scaring the shit out of puny kids since 1980’s

My Blogs:

These are my personal blogs where I write for pleasure, fun and rambling:


Lifeamongzillions is my personal blog which you are checking out right now. I write about digital marketing, movies, food, fiction and everyday stories.


I love movies and memes. I shamelessly share my childish sense of humour here:  www.contentshots.com . If you liked it and want an unlimited supply of funny memes, do like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/contentshots/


I dump my ramblings and unpolished drafts here. I warned you. Quit judging me now.


Other Places Where I post:

Software: https://dzone.com/users/2795604/tharika-tellicherry.html

Start-Up: https://yourstory.com/author/_tharikatelliche/

All feed-back and comments are welcome. Feel free to connect with me at lifeamongzillions@gmail.com if you are interested in a guest post or a creative collaboration or just want to say ‘Hi’ to a fellow human stuck on earth!

Hope you find something interesting or nice. Enjoy Reading! 🙂


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