Angry Birds: The Horrible Movie With Great Advertising

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I feel that sometimes it holds true for movie trailers too. Movie trailers are like deodorant Ads. On TV, people turn into irresistible sexy gods with a whiff. Bring home the can of spray, the magic stops.  No one find you sexy. Nothing happens. You still stink! Bleh 😛

Movie trailers are pretty much like an Axe effect Ad. Add a dash of ancient feel good songs, a few shots of the only good scenes (some of which are not even in the movie) and you have a pretty inviting trailer. People will take that bait like dumb bugs attracted to light. Only to be burned by disappointment.

You seriously regret having burnt your booze money on a dumb movie that’s worse than your annoying friend’s rant about life. You feel cheated like a cranky kid who never gets ice cream after visiting the dentist. That’s what I felt like after watching the angry birds movie. Here is my review of the movie that you can stop watching after the trailer:

The Angry Birds Movie

Title: The Angry Birds Movie

Genre: 3D Animated Comedy

Release Date: 13th May 2016

Duration: 97 minutes

Stuff I liked about the trailer:

Dirty, childish humor. I thought it was pretty creative the way they made a story line out of a stupid swipe and play android game. They even put the red headed bird on the sling shot like in the game. There was also this eagle that peed like a man. You can watch the trailer here:

Stuff I hated about the movie

Everything! There was not a single ‘wow’ scene in the entire 97 minutes of the movie. The only ‘wow’ I got was with this blurry Kannada Ad they played before the movie. You see Puneeth gulping a jug of Nandini milk, mid-air and then landing on his feet. Gravity has no effect on South Indian actors.

Then the movie happened. After the first one hour, you actually feel like exiting the stupid game…errr movie. The plot starts out pretty predictable with the anger management class for ‘Red’, the flightless paradise bird living on the bird island. Then as predicted, the pigs arrive, steal their eggs, and the eagle peeing scene happens. At this point, you are yawning.

By the time the birds reach the piggy island to rescue their eggs, you are more than bored. You are annoyed. You are cheering inside your head as you predict the end of the movie. ‘Yay! It’s almost over!’ You are not bothered who saves who. Who Red is? You just want to get out! Eventually the birds do win and retrieve their eggs. They even play a score with the dancing eagle to celebrate. Too bad, most people including me left the building way before it even started.

My Final Verdict

Most trailers may lie but they are still the best shot you have at judging a movie. But with this one, the trailer is probably the only short and sweet thing you should watch. The movie can be completely avoided. The Angry Bird is a movie that I recommend you don’t watch even if you are too high to care. 😛


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